Starting a Business

Starting Your Business Right – Get Incorporated

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There are lots of questions when starting a business – how do you do it; where can you get started; and whether you need to get incorporated. Corporate Counsel can help you get your business started on the right track. We often advise business owners to get their business incorporated and as soon as possible – an incorporation can provide definitive tax advantages that a sole proprietorship cannot. When you work with Corporate Counsel we are here to answer all of your questions at each stage of your business lifecycle.

Our Pricing Plans

No matter what your budget is, we want you to get your business going quickly and affordably:

Basic Incorporation $595
Ontario numbered company incorporation
Common shares only
Form 1 filed manually
Ultimate Incorporation $1,595
Ontario named company incorporation
Multiple share classes for maximum flexibility
Form 1 filed electronically
NUANS name search and pre-search included
Electronic corporate records maintained - saves time and money
Minute book and organizational resolutions included
Enhanced corporate by-laws included (broader rules for governing your company)
Share certificates prepared for up to 50 holders

Price above exclude HST but include disbursements.

We also offer rush same-day service if needed.

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Costs of Incorporating Yourself Online

We often meet clients who have incorporated online and when we ask why their general response is that they thought it was cheaper. You will see offers online to that say incorporations for as low as $89 or $149 – this is only their processing fee. When you look at the total costs you are likely spending around $600. That isn’t so cheap – especially if you can have your incorporation done by a corporate lawyer for less!

As well, those online tools don’t necessarily put in the provisions you need in your articles of incorporate to set it up correctly. In the long run, doing it yourself will take a lot of time and cost more to fix. If something is missing from your articles of incorporation, the government fee alone for the amendment is $150 in Ontario – let alone the lawyer’s time to correct them.