Corporate Financings & Securities Law

by Admin

Corporate financings made more cost-effective. Inquire about our Flat-fee options. Let us help you with:

  • Seed round financings
  • Venture capital financings
  • Secured creditor/bank financings
  • Private placements for private and public companies (brokered and non-brokered)
  • Flow-through unit offerings
  • Prospectus offerings
  • Information circular offerings
  • Bond and debenture offerings
  • Co-operative Corporation financings
  • Not-for-profit fund financings

We can also help with securities laws issues and questions. Do you have questions on exempt financings, public offerings, crowdsourcing or private equity portals; we can help.

We can also help with Ontario Securities Commission submissions and filings whether for corporate finance or registration issues.

Let us help you reduce your ongoing costs of being a public company. Find out how our fixed-fee approach can work for you.